Εφαρμογή για να διακοσμήσεις το σπίτι σου!

by ediva

Home decoration is part of our everyday life now as every winter and summer , we look for easy and smart ways to renew our home spaces!

And of course at some point we run out of ideas and that’s when this whole process seems like a mountain in our eyes. So where to start, from the colors, from the furniture or the arrangement of the space ?

And if I told you that there is an easy and pleasant to use application, with which you can see how your home will look after the changes you will make?


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See how to decorate your home with an online “game”

Project Dragonfly came to take our hands off our home renovation . This particular online application does what we’ve been wishing we could do for years.

It helps us to see our home in two and three dimensions, so that we can decide where to put what to change our space.

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Autodesk is the company that released this application and as you can understand from its barnd name, success is guaranteed. For many years he has been creating design programs, such as AutoCAD, which is widely used by architects, and now he has taken it a step further by designing the interior of houses.

Initially, you can choose a type of house from the ready ones offered by the application, while you can also intervene to modify it.

In this application you can find a huge library with all types of furniture , doors, and decorative items , to experiment with until you reach the desired result.

You can find these and even more options through the site www.homestyler.com

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Try to change your house too and tell us your opinion and how you thought the whole process!

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