foremata gia gamo gia to kalokairi 2019

25 Πανέμορφα φορέματα για γάμο για φέτος το καλοκαίρι!

by ediva

Summer is just around the corner and it seems even closer while the weather is nice with sunshine and heat . This period is when everyone prefers to organize their wedding and thus most of us will have to attend such a joyous event. I will show you some of the most stunning wedding dresses that you will definitely love.

Whether you are a fan of short, maxi or midi dresses, all the options are here to choose the right one for you. Unique fabrics, excellent quality from certified shops inside and outside of Greece, will offer you what you have always dreamed of.

Unique wedding dresses 2019 that you will love!


Long dress for wedding 2019

forema gia gamo maxi mple

A maxi blue dress that can be worn to weddings, christenings and evening outings just as easily and impressively. ( buy it )

sapio milo makri forema asos

Sleek and elegant, this dress will make you look like an apparition. ( buy it )

kitrino forema makri

A yellow dress highlights your tan and brightens you up in an impressive way. Choose it if you want to be in the center of impressions ( Buy it )

gkri lila forema me anoigma mprosta

For those of you who love lighter lines, this grey-lilac dress is ideal. It has a subtle tear in the front that gives a modern air to the whole. ( Buy now )

louloudato forema maxi

If you love tighter lines, this dress will not disappoint you with its sophistication and beautiful patterns. ( buy it )

asimi lila forema me enan wmo asos

A special one-shoulder dress with a slit on the leg, suitable for dynamic women who like to turn heads with their looks. ( Buy now )

maxi xriso forema steni grammi

Gorgeous dress in gold color that highlights your body and has a mermaid style that impresses. ( Buy now )

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Short dress for wedding

roz loyloydia se leuko midi forema apo

For those of you who love bright colors, this beautiful dress will delight you with its happy character. Flowers are a suggestion that will be worn a lot this year in clothes. ( Buy now )

mauro mpez forema gia gamo

An elegant dress for women who know what they want. It is easy to wear, since you can wear it on many occasions, without ever letting you down. ( Buy now )

kitrinomidi forema me kokini zwni

The color yellow is a must for this year and this proposal is elegant and simple, so that it can be worn in many of your outings and you are always well-dressed and chic. ( Buy now )

mini forema galazio emprime

The print suits every woman and these beautiful colors of blue, light blue and purple will delight you. ( Buy now )

kolito forema roz mini me volan

An incredibly chic dress for you who love narrow lines and want something simple yet modern at the same time. ( buy it )

aerino mov forema mini

For a Parisian vibe, this breezy dress is a must-have for any formal outing where you want to dazzle the crowds. ( Buy now )

floral kolitomple forema konto

Elegant and at the same time easy to wear, this gorgeous dress suits dynamic women who love the slimmer lines. ( Buy now )

kokino mini forema

A red dress is enough to wow the crowds and this super chic dress comes in an A-line to suit many body types. ( Buy now )

zaxari me mpez forema konto

Special and chic, this sugar-beige dress highlights your body in a unique way. ( Buy now )

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Midi dress for wedding

midi forema me diafaneia anel

Unique transparent design and beautiful blue color, this dress is easy to wear and practical for many of your outings. ( Buy now )

xriso forema gia gamo apo asos

The golden color impresses in this brilliant midi dress, which has a subtle slit in the front and highlights your femininity. ( Buy now )

forema gamou korali asos

Chic and feminine, this coral dress is perfect for you who like to show off your body in an elegant way. ( Buy now )

kokino midi forema me konto maniki

A red dress is always on point and steals the show. This comes in an A-line and impresses with its style as well as its price. ( Buy now )

kolito forema me louloudia leuko

Beautiful and feminine, this floral dress suits dynamic women who love a narrow line in clothes. ( Buy now )

galazio me lace midi forema

This light blue lace dress is chic and elegant and suits all women because of its length and style. ( Buy now )

me bolan forema monterno roz mpez

Ruffles on a dress always make it current and creative about it and this dress with its special character impresses with its simplicity. ( Buy now )

galazio me volan forema midi

Ruffles flatter every body and are perfect for formal dresses. Light blue suits many skin tones and is perfect for summer. ( Buy now )

kokino me bolan midi forema ap asos

A red dress with ruffles always steals the show and is bright and gorgeous. Choose it if you want something easy to wear and chic. ( Buy now )

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These beautiful selections of wedding dresses will ensure you a unique outfit for many occasions, at an unbeatable price and excellent quality.

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